Medicare sales leadsMedicare supplement leads are a very hot topic today, especially in senior based insurance companies.

You need to be able to find a lead generation service that can give you 100 percent exclusive leads. InSol® offers those leads with no short or long term contracts. These leads that we offer are high quality and not recycled Medicare sales leads. This allows your agents the freedom to choose the territory such as counties or cities as well as the days and times to work. This allows them to be more productive. Our leads are also set up as preset appointments with qualified clients.

Our Medicare supplement leads are screened for any type of existing condition that would make them ineligible for any type of policy. These qualified prospects will be waiting for a Medicare insurance agent to call or come by with more information about the Medicare package and its benefits. If you are looking for leads other than the leads in question, we offer more Medicare leads. This is also how we can offer you the best leads without binding into a contract of either short or long term.

With these leads being generated in 48 states, your agents will have the freedom of choice to choose the desired territory by county or city as well as the days and times to contact the Medicare supplement leads or Turning 65 Leads (64-65). This can make them more productive as well as not tying the agency into a long or short term contract. Our leads are also screened for existing medical conditions that would invalidate any type of policy that you may issue. This way, you are talking to people that really want and are qualified for this information.

InSol® is on Your Side.